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How to Choose a Car for Women

If you think that all women are into pink Barbie cars, you’re terribly wrong. A lot of women like the same things about cars as men do: pick-up, maneuverability, looks, and gas mileage. However, depending on what the car is going to be used for, there may be other important things to consider. Some women will want a sporty, sexy car while others want something practical that will carry their sporting equipment and dog. There are also cars that are great for women and men who have families. The best way to choose a car for anyone is to figure out what the car will be used for.

Efficiency and Practicality

Some cars are best for women who like to travel and enjoy life. If you’re looking for something that gets good gas mileage and has space for camping gear or sports equipment, not many cars compare to a Subaru hatchback. There are other cars that fall into this efficient and practical category, like the Honda Fit. If efficiency is most important, hybrids are usually the way to go. The Toyota Prius is still the reigning leader in efficiency and space combined, but the Honda Insight is the car that gets the best gas mileage over all.

Making a Car Work

 For women with families and busy lives, the most often chosen style of car is the sedan. However, sedans can be a kind of a rip-off. They get slightly better gas mileage than a wagon, but they offer significantly less space. Around the world, hatch-backs and wagons are more popular vehicles for people with families. Only in the US is the sedan more popular. And of course, these days many people just go with something inefficient and huge, like an SUV, or something that really offers space but is not considered sexy, like a minivan.

Consider the needs of the woman and you’ll figure out the perfect car for a woman.

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