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How often do you really need to change your motor oil?

There is often the confusion on to whether to follow the auto dealers’ suggestions or the automaker recommendations on how often should you get an oil change. Some vehicles come with automated motor oil reminder systems but others you have to read the instructions when you buy a car. Some dealers offer oil change as an after sales service within the warranty. However, if your car is past the warranty period you can insure it for an oil change after every 5000 km to around 7500 km. But on the same note you can insure it for an oil change twice every year.

Water and cold weather is one of the causes of oil contamination in the engine of a car. It is because cold weather operation increase condensation and form sludge especially on lightweight engines.. It will, therefore, increase carbon levels because of the presence of raw fuel.

For you to change motor oil it is also important to have knowledge of other parts of the car and how they work. It will help you know when to act before the situation becomes expensive or you get a roadside car breakdown. Some drivers think synthetic oils do not contaminate easily, but vehicles using the synthetic oil need regular change as others.

Nonetheless, it is important that before you change your car oil ensure you get services from a qualified specialist. It will allow you get other benefits when servicing the car. You can get them from dealerships or reputable garages. It helps you lower the costs of servicing because you get other services at a single place. Remember dirty oil can erode metal parts and hence damaging the engine oil it is supposed to protect. It is for this reason oil everyone must change the oil as regularly as possible.

How often do you need an oil change?

The frequency of oil change depends on many factors such as the cars’ model, the operating conditions and distance covered. But the more frequently you do it, the safer for your engine. If you cover short distances that mean, the engine does not get as hot to evaporate water at the crankcase. If you are in a dusty environment, change the engine oil after 1000 miles to around 3000 miles for old vehicles and follow the manufactures recommendation for new vehicles. However, it is important to note that new vehicles run longer because they are efficient due to the modifications. Vehicles that operate on high speeds need longer time for motor oil change. But at no circumstance should one go past the recommended maximum interval.

Finally, do not waste oil by changing your engine oil every three thousand miles. You can change the motor oil at 3000 miles if you are driving on super extreme conditions and driving a car of more than a decade. The high-quality oil in the market provides for extended use. You can, therefore, consider changing the car oil every six months of the year or from around 5000miles to 7000miles for new car models.