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How much does it cost to wrap a car?

Figuring out the cost to wrap a car in a solid color is a complicated process. Solid wraps are much more difficult than full color wraps when trying to making the wrap look clean. The reason for this is that you can see every imperfection on a solid wrap, but on a full color wrap little imperfections are not noticeable. The designs and logos distract from any imperfections, so the wrap does not need to be as carefully applied. The need for such precise application of solid wraps makes the pricing a troublesome duty.

One would think that a car wrapping company would know the price just based on the model of the car. It is actually more difficult than that. When a customer buys a car, he is given choices of what features or bundle he would like. This means that your car wrapper must personally inspect your car in order to evaluate how difficult the application of the wrap will be.

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The most important thing that the person inspecting your car will look for is what pieces of hardware need to be removed. Some things are easy to remove. Brake lights, handles, mirrors, and antennae are all not a problem to take off, but these are things that could stay on the car for a full color wrap. This is labor that normally isn’t needed. The labor can get even more intensive if there is difficulty removing a piece that was thought to be easy to remove. Some cars are more intricately put together than others, so removing a mirror might reauire taking apart the door instead of popping it off.

Once all of the hardware is removed, a deep cleaning of the car is necessary. This is especially important when dealing with lightly colored wraps. If water on the car drips into a dirty crevice, it can drip back out and cause brownish streaks on your wrap. You can get away with this on a black or even a dark-blue wrap but most of the time, the car is going to have to be thoroughly cleaned.


As we mentioned before, every imperfection matters. In order to minimize the imperfections the wrap needs to be very delicately applied with the correct amount of heat and stretching. Too much heat or stretching and the entire wrap could look warped. Too little of either and the wrap would look sloppy and be prone to lifting.


The last part of the process is the post-heating of the wrap. This is extremely labor intensive because the worker must be sure to evenly distribute heat on centered areas and pay extra attention on areas that could be problematic in terms of lifting (corners, edges, etc.). This sometimes can take several hours on a solid wrap.


This arduous process is the reason the cost to wrap a car can vary from place to place. Let your wrapper know exactly how you would like it done and educate yourself about the wrapping process. Look at some of the work they have done in the past and make sure you get a quote that is appropriate with their level of work.