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How Does A Car Muffle Work?

Every single vehicle on the road has a muffler. Mufflers affect the sounds of cars. If you wish to boost the power and performance of your car, then upgrade the mufflers on your car. We may have all this information at our finger tips yet we don’t know how car muffler works. What actually happens inside mufflers that affects the performance and output of the sound of a car? Let’s first explain what mufflers are to those who don’t know.

 Understanding Mufflers

As the exhaust valves of your vehicle’s engine open to release gas fumes under high pressure, the engine gives out a very pulsating sound. This noise is a combination of thousands of small bursts of sound that travel fast along the exhaust pipe. As the sounds bounce around, they become much more magnified, becoming loud and annoying. What, then, is the solution? The solution lies in minimizing the levels of these sounds before they exit the exhaust pipe.

Difference between Muffler and Exhaust

The muffler is only one part of the exhaust. The rest of the system are the exhaust pipes and tailpipes to also increase exhaust flow.The two combined together will do more than just the muffler will. They make complete kits to replace the entire exhaust system because factory systems are more restricted than the replacement ones.

 Tuning The Engine To Reduce The Noise

how-does-aMufflers provide the solution we are talking about. They are mounted at the end of the exhaust pipes. They have what we may call baffled chambers or perforated pipes. These tubes tune and reduce the sound output of your vehicle’s engine. The baffles obstruct the sound waves, causing them to bounce around. This creates opposing sounds which work against the movement of each other. The chambers and baffles are tuned acoustically to produce a specific sound that is less annoying. This is the reason why we have a variety of mufflers on the market. Different people love different sound effects produced by different mufflers. Some people desire focused sounds with amplified growls, while others desire as little noise as possible.

 Performance Mufflers

Some people detest mufflers because they cause obstruction of emission of exhaust fumes. Engines perform better when they eject the exhaust fumes fast enough to take in fresh air to generate more power. By obstructing ejection of exhaust fumes, mufflers slow down the uptake of fresh oxygen, hence reducing performance of the car. Yet no one can drive without them. This is why manufacturers have come up with performance mufflers. These are able to tone down the noise and tune the sound, while causing as little obstruction to ejection of waste gases as possible.

There are many types of mufflers in the market today, each type made to a particular taste of output sound and performance. So there is no reason to worry about performance.