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Honda Civic 2013

There were lots of expectations connected with new ninth generation of Honda Civic. Unfortunately it’s first appearance was overshadowed with indignation of American customers – they were absolutely unsatisfied with the quality of decoration. Moreover they didn’t like the design so Honda decided to postpone start of sales – finally, American market is first-priority for the company.

2013 Honda Civic Si Sedan

The new Honda got a nice looking hood and more stylish gitter. The bumper now looks more brutal especially when the fog lamps are switched on. In general they changed the body only visually – it looks a bit bigger and more solid now however they did absolutely nothing with the size, it’s just the same to the size of Honda Civic of the eight generation. Besides new Civic got bigger parking lights and a bit more austere headlights.

The customers are offered to choose among five color options – Taffeta White, Deep Crimson, Dynamic Blue, Urban Titanium and Crystal Black. So generally the car really looks good though there’s nothing revolutionary in it.

2013 Honda Civic EX-L Sedan 2013 Honda Civic Si Sedan 2013 Honda Civic EX-L Sedan

As for the cabin it’s not so different from one of previous Civic. Yes, the seats and upholstery are undoubtedly better and the materials look more expensive and rich but even such fancy gadgets like 5-inch display, Pandora, Bluetooth and others can’t make you believe that it’s an absolutely new car. However if you never dealt with any Civics at all you will definitely feel perfect here. Those who had eight Honda Civic will hardly admire new cabin a lot. Yes, it obvious that radical changes demand lots of money but so few changes is not enough too. So here everything is very subjective and maybe new look of Civic deserves 7 of 10.

2013 Honda Civic EX-L Sedan

New Honda has rather powerful engine1.8-liter and 24-valve-in-line motor with 140 horse powers on board. It will be enough to feel comfortable on a highway and it’s even enough to impress young girls. This car gains 60 miles per hour for nearly 9 seconds. It’s not a sport car, surely, but it’s faster than typical vehicles one may see in city streets. Fuel economy here is well developed – 28-29 miles per gallon in a city and up to 39 miles per gallon on a highway. By the way they really made the engine much quieter. The owners on previous Civic were really angry with their shouty and noisy cars. The whole sound insulation is much better now and you won’t have any noise from tires or anything like that.

Besides Civic is safer now and it comes not only to the number of airbags. No, made the body more durable so now it’s ready to meet any requirements of modern crash test. Previous Civic was safe enough as well though the new one is really outstanding from that point. The price for new Civic got a bit higher but the different with start price for Civic of the eight generation is not that significant and may be linked both with inflation and with more expensive materials used during the production of this car.


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