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Using a iPad as a CarPC

The advent of tablets has brought with it numerous challenges for those who wish to incorporate them into their everyday lives. Car owners and enthusiasts feel as though they are the most affected, especially since the onboard car touch-screen systems ...

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What is RaceLogic Driftbox?

Drifting has becomes a sport in some countries as well as the star feature of various movies such as Tokyo Drift. Drifting is the art of forcing your car into oversteer and then maintaining control from the start of the ...

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What is led headlight bulbs

LED (Light emitting diodes) is considered as one of the most energy efficient lighting. This is due to the fact that, the light that is required to power the led headlight bulbs is low. The bulbs produce more light than ...

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Blow-Off Valves: Working Principle and Functions

Power and speed enthusiasts depend heavily on the turbo kids to increase power out put from the engines. More and more people are seeking better ways to increase the power output, protect the engine also increase efficiency. Blow-off valves provide ...

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A few words on OBD II

On-board diagnostic abbreviated as OBD refers to a vehicles self-reporting and diagnostic capability. OBD system provides information about the vehicle sub-systems to the owner of the vehicle or the technician. The technician can use OBD to identify the part of ...

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