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First, since 2011, in Europe is recorded an increase in demand for new cars

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) have pleased all of us with good news today. In April of this year in 27 countries of Europe Union has been recorded an increase in sales of new cars. This is the first recorded growth since September 2011.

In April, the EU has sold 138 000 343 new cars, a 1.7% more, compared with the same month of the last year. Here is the data, presented by ACEA.

One of the most high sales has shown Germany (+3.8 percent), preserving the greatest demand for new cars (284,000 of sold cars), Spain (+10.8 percent) and Great Britain (+14.8 percent). Sales continued to fall in Italy (-10.8 percent) and France (-5.3 percent). The greatest reductions were recorded in Cyprus – minus 51.9 percent. The most significant growth – plus 142.6 percent – showed Finland.

Experts noted that 1.7% growth can be explained by the fact that in April of this year were two additional working days, than in previous year April.

However, within the first four months of 2013 sales continued to fall. If we compare spring of 2012, we will see that the Europeans bought 7.1 percent fewer cars – 426 000 946 cars.

Earlier it was reported that a drop in sales in January reached a historic minimum in 1990. During the first month of the year 885,000 Europeans bought 159 new cars, up 8.7 per cent less than in the past. Due to this, in 2012 sales in the EU have fallen to the level of 1995.

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