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First car Buick is turned 110 years

Looking back at the history of Buick, today it is difficult to compare current cars with the previous ones. This is understandable, because for the 110-year history, much has changed in cars’ brands.

In honor of the anniversary, Buick automaker released photos of 11 iconic cars, including modern, trying to imagine the young face of the brand, despite its venerable age: Regal, Verano and Encore.

In April 1903 the company launched its first Buick car, which was developed by David Dunbar Buick. A year later, started full-scale production of the new American car brand, and in 1908, the company joined General Motors.

If you look at the 110-year history of the Buick, it is seen that the positioning of the brand today has changed significantly. Since 1998, under this brand are manufactured inexpensive (compared to competitors) cars, designed for a younger audience with an average financial income.

The key Buick models are the Regal, Verano and Encore, sharing a platform with other cars of General Motors Concern. Besides the U.S., Buick cars are popular in China.

During its history, the automaker made a lot of models, that accommodate two, four, five or six passengers. But only twice in 110 years, the brand has produced cars with a capacity of eight people: 2008-2013 Enclave and wagon 1991-1996 Roadmaster.

Before the end of 2012, Buick sold more than 43 million autos. This is equivalent of selling cars statistic in the United States over the past three years.

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