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Gorgeous, flowing car design comes no more exotic than here; the 275GTB was another Pininfarina-designed Ferrari masterpiece. Everyone is now so familiar with the Ferarri brand – and its cars are now so relatively common – that’s it’s easy to forget just what an occasion it used to be to see one of these ultra-sleek sportsters. Costs were massively high and production numbers were tiny; now, thanks to stratospheric values, it’s just as much of an occasion to see a 275GTB on the move as it ever was.

The first 275GTBs featured a twin-cam V12, but from 1966 the 275GTB/4 brought a 300bhp quad-cam engine, which raised the top speed to 60mph.

Powering the 275GTB was a 3.3-litre V12 that put out a very impressive 280bhp, but anyone wanting more could order a six-carburettor set-up, for 320bhp.