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Enviro Bear 2000 – BEST GAME EVER MADE

Enviro Bear 2000 for Windows

Enviro Bear 2000 for Android

Enviro Bear 2000 for iPhone and iPad

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Who is driving that car? Oh my God, a Bear is Driving! How can that Be?!

How to play:

* Grab stuff with your finger.
* Eat Fish and Berries.
* When you are FAT enough, drive into a cave to Hibernate.
* You can throw stuff out the windows and sunroof!

Famous people also like bears:

“The driving controls provide as realistic of an experience as I can imagine if I were a bear driving a car”
– TouchArcade.com

“Enviro-Bear 2010 is a game made by crazy people … practically impossible to get to wherever you want to go”
– SlideToPlay.com

“The best, and only, bear-driving-a-car simulation Come for the absurdist humor, stay for the limited, but deceptively deep game design.”
– Anthony Burch, Destructoid

“It’s fantastically manic and unapologetically absurd, and any would-be quibbles about the touchiness of its vehicular controls are instantly headed-off and negated by the bare fact that bears don’t know how to drive cars.”
– Brandon Boyer, Offworld

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