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Eco-friendly concept Toyota i-Road

Variegated auto and motorcycles manufacturers from time to time are puzzled with the development of a compact vehicle for driving through the metropolis. For example, it is worth remembering tricycle Robertsham CiTi, the developer of which is one of the Californian company. That automobile company Toyota, just before the premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013, showed the first teaser of the new electric car concept Toyota i-Road. In early February, the Japanese had already announced a new concept of urban “mover”, but the world premiere of the Toyota i-Road will be held this March 5 at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. According to the manufacturer, the concept is “compact, interesting emission-free car, designed for fast and efficient transportation around the city for two people,” – just like a motorcycle!

Detailed technical information about the new Toyota has been kept secret.

Among Toyota there is believe, i-Road will be one of the very probable electric vehicles, which can appear on world car markets in the next few years. It is hoped that the possibility of such industry giants as Toyota, i-Road will undergo a complex way on the stage of the concept car to production model.

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