Ken Block’s Subaru Trax STI is a beast of a car. It is one of the most daring ventures by Ken Block. Ken Block, one of the most famous emerging Motorsports individuals the US, has taken the sport to a whole new level with this powerful machine. Ken has achieved much in the sports arena in the past, and it seems he is not about to stop. After his initial successful trade of selling apparel and sneakers in skateboarding, he switched to motor racing. With his dare devil character, he has won X-games medals, not to mention the myriad of unbelievable stunts he has performed, catapulting him to YouTube fame in an instant. Now that he has joined the WRC, what does he have up his sleeves for the world?

A Look At The STI Car

 Ken’s STI car is many things in one to him. He can rally with it, clear gaps of up to 100 feet with it and drive on a Gymkhana course with it. It is even probable that the Subaru has provision for tweezers. This car happens to be the fastest snow cat in the world. The car comes ready for competition, but without tires. Instead of tires, the car runs on snow-cat tracks. The car, made by Vermont Sports Car, comes with a 2.5 liter Turbocharged engine. It also has a five speed gearbox. Its shocks are seriously special to provide for the tracks.

One would think that running on tracks would slow down the car. Not at all. Subar Trax STI rips. It is absolutely fast. In the snow, Ken does unimaginable things, things that tickle anybody to laughter or raise the nerves and hairs on end. He floats the car through powder, as though it is swimming through cream, yet it’s incredibly faster than possible. The car carves S turns without any sign of faltering. On packed stuff, it looks less potent than it really is, moreless like an ordinary STI. The car looks intimidating, insane, awesome and ridiculous. The car has a Sleigh, the Santa Claus style, for the bravest of willing passengers to take a ride. Are you brave enough to take such a ride? If so, give it a try and share the experience.


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