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How to change a tire on a car?

Every driver understands that a car may need a tire change from time to time for different reasons. With this in mind, it is prudent for anyone who drives a vehicle of any kind to have the basic knowledge on how to change a tire on a car? You might suddenly get a flat tire in the morning as a result of a slow puncture that drains your tire pressure over night, or even as a result of a bad valve that lets the pressure out at a slow pace. When this happens, it is advisable to be prepared to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

There are basic items that you will need to have in the car at all times so as to learn how to change a car tire. They include a car jack, a wheel spanner or tire iron as some people call it depending on where they come from and of course the new tire with which the replace the flat one. You should make sure that the spare tire you have in the car is of a similar radial size as the one you need to replace. It is so essential that you regularly check the spare tire even if you do not want to use it just to make sure it is always in good condition and with full pressure. There is no need carrying a spare tire that also has problems and thus cannot serve in emergency situations.

Once you have the spare tire ready, you should bring out the jack but do not lift the vehicle first. Make sure you confirm the exact point where you should insert your car jack. Use the tire iron or wheel spanner to loosen the nuts that hold the rim to the drum. Unfasten opposite nuts but do not remove them completely. After unfastening the nuts slightly, you can now lift the vehicle up to get a clearance from the ground so that you can remove all the nuts and let your damaged tire fall out gently.

It is advisable to make sure you lift the vehicle higher than the height of the inflated tire. If you only lift it to allow the deflated tire to come out, there will not be enough room for you to squeeze the new tire into place considering that the new one will always be larger in size to the punctured one. Once you slide the new tire into place, make sure you fasten the nuts in the same alternate pattern as you did when unfastening. This ensures that the tire goes into the drum evenly and very firmly. Remember to tighten the nuts properly once you have lowered the vehicle back to the ground just to make sure your nuts do not fall off accidentally as you drive along.