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Morgan Plus 8

It looks as though it pre-dates the Bible, yet when it first appeared in 1968. the Plus 8 could get to 60mph from a standstill in less time than most current sportscars. OK, so its ultra-iightweight body played a big ...

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BMW 507

BMW’s plan was to conquer the berate American market with the 507. but the company wasn’t prepared to compromise on the car’s speoficatnn or buid quality. The resdt was a car that was hugely expensive to make, so massively costly ...

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Jaguar XJS

Trying to carry on where the E-Type left off meant the XJS was never going to be accepted by a massive sector of the Jaguar fraternity. After those gorgeous curves and the Impossibly long bonnet of the E-Type, the XJS’s ...

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Ferrari Daytona

While its greatest adversary Lamborghini resorted to putting the engine in the middle, Ferrari stuck with a front-engined design for its new supercar in 1968. That didn’t make it any less desirable though, and despite the fact that Ferrari only ...

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Chrysler Valiant Charger

Muscle cars weren’t just reserved for American car enthusiasts; Australia had a similar scene of its own. While car makers like Holden, Ford and Chrysler didn’t offer Australian buyers the same choice – or the crazy levels of power – ...

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