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Best Racing Games ever for PC.

People love action-packed racing games because they are thrilling and fun.  Often two or more people can compete against each other, making them a great activity for friends and family.  There are thousands of racing games out on the internet.  Here are some of the most popular types.

3D Road Rally.  The driver in a road rally hovers just behind the car he is controlling.  The racer drives by using the direction buttons with another button or two for special effects such as a turbo charge.  Burning Rubber Four won a Game-of-the-Year trophy in 2011.

Bird’s Eye View racing.  These games are less realistic than 3D rallies.  The player looks down on the race track, driving his car with the arrow keys.  The controls are more sensitive and it is easy to over-steer the car as it races around a twisting track.  Because of the difficult challenge, this type of racing has its enthusiasts.  Bahrain Racer is a popular bird’s-eye-view game.

Motocross Races.  The player has a side view in these races.  He controls his ride by the arrow keys, using a fifth button to jump.  The player will race against another driver, or against the clock.  In this type of game, the player is challenged to climb steep slopes, run over obstacles and use ramps to jump over canyons or pits.  The course is always challenging and often has interesting graphics showing tracks running through destroyed cities or haunted woods.  Motocross Nitro is a great, realistic example.

Parking Games.  While not technically racing, these games are usually included in online racing sites.  These popular games require the player to guide his car around obstacles and into a tight parking place within a specified amount of time.  Airport Bus Parking is an imaginative parking game.

Other-Than-Vehicle-Racing-Games. These games of speed and skill usually allow the gamer to hover over the character as he skis, sleds or runs down a track.  He must swerve around obstacles and use the space bar to jump at the right moment.  He either races against an opponent or against the clock.  Downhill Skiing is a popular example.

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