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Best Racing Games Ever for Android

Android gaming is an ever increasing market with new games coming out constantly. One of the most popular genres is racing games. There are many thrilling racing games to choose from and some of the best ones are compiled in this article.

Need for Speed


A long standing franchise, Need for Speed for the Android is as popular and fun as its predecessors. Among the titles available for the Android is Need for Speed Most Wanted. It offers not only the excitement of a head to head race but also the added thrill of having to outrun police as well.

Asphalt 7


Even though it is a very large game, Asphalt 7 is a market leader in Android racing games. Immersive environments with a high level of detail add to the enjoyment of this game. A strong multiplayer platform is available through online play.

Death Rally


Death Rally is a 2-D game which doesn’t affect the enjoyment of it at all. Fast cars and big explosions are what you can expect in Death Rally. Each car has a wide range of upgrade options available to fully customize all aspects of your ride. With an option to buy in-game upgrades or play to earn credits, you can add some unique upgrades to your car.

Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup Pro


The motocross bike racing platform adds a new element to your racing. Not only are you competing with other riders, you also need to maintain your balance on the bike as you speed around the dirt track. The online multiplayer allows you to compete against friends or against other challengers for victory.

Android users have an ever increasing number of high quality game titles that are making a transition to the Android platform. With so many great racing games available already, you can get your racing excitement easily from your phone with just a simple download.

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