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Best Cars to Rent for Your Trips

Going on a road trip? A visit to family or friends that’ll require a rental car? For the most part, when people rent cars they focus on the price. They want something that’s just big enough for themselves, their family members, and their luggage, but after that it’s price that they consider to be most important. All too often, the lowest price options are not the best and you end up with a car that frustrates for one reason or another. Here’s the way to choose the right car when you need a rental.

Road Trip Vehicles

 Right off the bat, if you’re going to be putting a lot of miles on a rental car, you should be considering a hybrid. It’s tough to book a hybrid these days because they’re in high demand and it seems like none of the rental car companies have caught on to how great they’d be for business. But it’s worth a try. Check the gas mileage, no matter what kind of car you’re considering, because the daily rate is not going to be the most expensive part of a road trip. You can price it all out and figure out exactly how much you’ll spend on gas if you really want to. Or you could just choose a car with high gas mileage.

With the Family

 So you need a big car for your trip? Lots of space for luggage as well as people? Don’t get an SUV. If you dont know what does suv stand for read this. The temptation will be strong, but you’ll over pay for something that’s not as stable, has worse gas mileage, and has less space than a minivan. I know, I know, you don’t want a minivan. Deal with it. Minivans, and look again at gas mileage to choose a car brand, are the best deal when it comes to space for everyone and everything.

Business Trips and Luxury

 If you’re trying to make an impression on your trip and you need a flashy car, there are going to be many expensive options. Probably the best deals will be on Ford Mustangs, and you can always say it was the only car they had left. Nobody wants to admit that they like Mustangs, at least not the modern ones, but you’ll find that everyone considers them to be fun, sexy, and attractive (even if they don’t admit it). For something more conservative, you can never go wrong with a Lexus. They’re the best deals for luxury rental cars.

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