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Bentley Flying Spur 1957 (S1 Continental)

While Bentley produced its cars in numbers in the 1950s and 1960s, selected coachbuilders built special versions of some of its cars in even smaller numbers – one of which was the Continental Flying Spur The Continental brand was usually kept for two-door Bentleys only, but coachbuilder HJ Mulliner came up with this, the first four-door car to use the name. Introduced in 1957 and based on the SI chassis, the Flying Spur is one of the most graceful and elegant saloons ever created – just as a Bentley should be.

The first Continental Flying Spurs were powered by a 4887cc straight-six, but from 1959 a 6230cc V8 was fitted, for even more sedately progress.

The Flying Spur used the same chassis as the standard steel-bodied SI, S2 or S3, but because it had an aluminium bodyshell, it was faster.