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Audi wants to buy Alfa Romeo from Fiat Group

Once Sergio Marchionne had refused to sell Alfa Romeo brand to the concern Volkswagen. But the media again has some rumors about the evidence of a possible German purchase of Italian car company.

German automaker Audi is set very seriously in terms of purchasing car brand Alfa Romeo, in this regard are ongoing complex negotiations with their current owners, concern Fiat. What will bring this talk, would the automobile company owner of the brand, we shall see later.

It is worth noting that the Germans have rather expanded ambition, because they are going not only to buy Alfa Romeo, but also Italian plant, where Fiat manufactures its cars.

The decision to buy the Italian company is associated with expansion of their activities, and production of new cars, as well as an increase in products, delivered to the world automotive market.

Also there is the possibility of selling the company, which manufactures parts and accessories for cars, the fact that Fiat has no money to hold such plant. But for the Germans are very convenient to have its plant of parts on Italian territory, as it will significantly reduce the cost of cars’ production.

Neither Audi nor Fiat has confirmed or denied the rumors. Note that Fiat has not yet returned to a stable financial position and Alfa Romeo does not bring profit to Italians, so its rather interesting how this story will end.

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