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ADV.1 Wheels Audi RS6 Avant

An innovative 4-litre V8 TFSI® engine sets the RS 6 Avant apart – and keeps it there. That’s because it features Le Mans-winning
fuel-injection technology, which enhances fuel efficiency, power and torque. But this unit is capable of more than just raw power;
it also knows how to use it. Ultra-lightweight construction and intelligent engine technologies like cylinder-on-demand mean the RS 6 Avant can make effortless, efficient work of every move. The one from 0-62mph in only 3.9 seconds is perhaps the most impressive.

High-performance braking system
A car as powerful as an RS needs an equally powerful system to slow it down. This takes the form of 19-inch RS brakes, with 6-piston fixed callipers on the front axle. Each brake disc is internally ventilated and perforated for enhanced performance, while a special ‘floating’ friction ring improves stability under high temperature loads.
For even greater strength and thermal resistance with an added weight-saving, you can opt for 20-inch ceramic brakes on your RS 6 Avant. See page 45 for full details.

Cylinder-on-demand technology
High performance doesn’t necessarily equate to higher fuel consumption – as proven by the engine in the new RS 6 Avant. Advanced cylinder-on-demand technology
automatically shuts down four of eight cylinders when they’re not needed – for example when coasting at constant speed on the motorway or in city traffic –
so you’ll benefit from the efficiency and low emissions of a car with a much smaller engine. Then, once you reach the open road, the V8 comes back into its own.
The switch from one mode to another barely registers – except, perhaps, in your pulse rate.

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