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A Dad’s Guide to Buying the Family Car

Dad has enough on his plate to know that buying the family car isn’t going to be easy. There are the feelings of want that are going to battle the feelings of responsibility, and the knowledge that the right car is out there but it’s going to take time to choose something that’s really the perfect compromise. Here are the things we know you’re considering and some options that won’t let you down.


 Yes, safety first. Safety is a tough one, because it’s a car and cars are inherently unsafe. The cars we consistently recommend for safety are the same as you’d expect: sedans and wagons from Toyota, Honda, and Volvo. These cars earn huge points in the safety category and they’re generally dependable and reasonably good looking cars.

Do You Need a Minivan?

 The battle here is going to be minivan vs. SUV in your brain. Here are a few things to keep in mind. If you have three kids or more, get a minivan. If you have just one or two kids, want to spend more money than necessary, and want to look macho, get an SUV. SUVs are not safer than other cars and they don’t offer the space of a minivan. You can’t see well when driving them and they’re more likely to roll in an accident. In other words, don’t buy an SUV unless you’re absolutely terrified of how you’ll look in a minivan. More information about the what does suv stand for here.


 The prices for cars that are good for a family range from too cheap to very over-priced. You can get a decent car with a decent safety rating and enough space from Hyundai, if you want to go cheap. Level up to a Honda or Toyota and pay more to get more. If you want to over pay, get an SUV (see the trend here?). If you want to buy a better car and save money in the future, go for something with high gas mileage – a hybrid, even. Of course, minivans give you the most for your money, but if you’re still freaked out about a minivan, maybe you’re willing to pay extra for a bit of luxury, style, and the safety and space you want and need.

The ideal car for a family is a Volvo. They are top tier in safety, have the power and performance of a sports car, and they’re going to cost you more than most normal family cars. There’s a reason why Hondas and Toyotas are so popular. They offer most of what you want, the things you need, and a fair price.

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