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5 Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Gas is expensive and it is not getting any cheaper soon. However, you do not have to use public transport to cut on gas expenses. There are some basic things that you can do to improve your gas mileage. They include;

Driving smoothly
You can reduce fuel efficiency by 33 percent through speeding then slowing down often, stepping on and off the gas repetitively, weaving in and out traffic. The more consistent your driving pattern, the longer your gas will sever you. Additionally, when driving around the city, ensure that your air conditioning is off. Roll the windows down. Open windows at high speed create a drag that reduces gas usage.

Avoid idling
Idling means sitting still while your car is running. This is a waste of gas. The larger an engine, the more gas is wasted. Some people prefer to switch off their cars when in long lines like fast food drives through the window or banks. However, this can waste the gas as well depending on the number of times you crank the car and the waiting time. If you plan to travel around the city where you will have to make frequent starts and stops, consider using public transport as these wastes a lot of gas.

Speed limits
Most vehicles reduce gas mileage efficiency while at 60 mph. research has proven that, for each mph over 60 you cover, you end up spending extra 24 cents per gas gallon. On the other hand, the closer you are to 55 mph, the more you reduce your per gallon cost.

Use quality oil and properly inflated tires
Using the proper oils and following the recommended oil change intervals not only improves your gas mileage but also extends your engine life. Dirty and improperly used oils result to 1 to 2 percent loss of gas mileage. Under inflated tires consume 3 percent more gas as compared to properly inflated tires. Therefore, to ensure that improve on gas mileage, always inflate your tires properly before traveling.

Replace and clean air filters
Servicing and cleaning air filters is another easy way to improve on gas mileage. Dirty air filters results to loss of over 10 percent gas mileage. Replace your air filter every time you change your oil.

In conclusion, if you purchase a second hand car, have your trusted mechanic examine it to ensure that the temperature thermostat is properly installed. It is highly recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the temperature ranges. Not everyone can manage to purchase the latest hybrid models. Nonetheless, with the above tips, you can reduce gas usage and save a good amount of money. Driving well and taking care of your car are the basic requirements to ensure that you use your gas for longer.

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