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400-super powerful taxi Renault on Paris streets

Who among fans of Renault does not dream to ride on some RS in the company’s yellow color? The French manufacturer has provided the opportunity bystanders. Moreover, they were driven up not on a regular Megane RS, but the racing Trophy! True, as a passenger in a taxi. Although its amazing!

Yesterday, at Renaultsport channel viewers were able to observe video from Paris streets, terrorizing by Renault Megane Trophy car as a taxi. Some happy, but very frightened passers-by, who tried to stop a taxi car, drove to their destination place on a race car. 400-horsepower sports car was run by professional racer.

Created as part of “Make us if you can!”, this video clip shows a high performance of a race car, which transports businessmen and influential people in Paris.

For those who is not in hip, Megane Trophy V6 is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6, which develops 400hp and 422Nm of torque. It is connected to a 6-speed transmission, which allows the model to be a little faster than a taxi NV200 Nissan.

The French did not take the love of driving fast, but all of the Parisians can get over their fear and get into a cab, under the hood of which is 401 “horse”?! Some take bribes beautiful sports car appearance, others – powerful drive.

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