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1995 Mercedes-Benz Vision 2005 Truck by Colani

The main differences of Mercedes-Benz Vision 2005 – a convenient entry into the cabin through the side door and side aerodynamic pylons, organizing the flow of air to the sides and at the same time supporting a massive glass dome cabin. Coefficient Cx on the third generation was reduced to 0.32. Donor chassis , as in the second Colani truck , tractor became Mercedes-Benz, this time 1844LS with 435 -horsepower turbodiesel. Cab Vision 2005 got its own suspension, which increased driving comfort . In addition , Mercedes-Benz has provided for the third Colani truck electronic security systems – ABS, traction control system and the experimental TSC while stabilization system ESP. Design Vision 2005 has been carefully designed ( by and large the first two models are nothing short of ” homemade “), and two years later, on request of the manufacturer of televisions TechiSat been created yet another truck with another , more aggressive design front on the same aggregate base.

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