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How to Plasti Dip Rims

Keeping the same old look for your car all year round can eventually become so boring. Many people occasionally want to pimp up their cars just to get an all new look from time to time. If this is your silent dream, you should consider having plasti dip rims. In this posting, we will quickly look at the simple guidelines on how to plasti dip rims to give your car a new look. When looking for a transformation in the physical appearance of your car, people do many things including painting, accessorizing among many other things.


To get a better understanding of how to plasti dip rims, it is important to start by explaining how the process works. Plasti dip is a process that involves the dipping of parts in molten rubber which subsequently cools down to form a coating that will uniformly cover the parts. The color of the rubber solution will naturally become the new color visible on the new parts. It is important to understand that the rubber coating will not in any way affect the performance of the part that is coated. It merely acts as an aesthetic effect that will enhance the looks.

How to Plasti Dip Rims Instruction

  1. Clean or wash away the dust, dirt, rust and etc from the desired area wait till dry.
  2. Use newpapers or poker card at the rim side in order to cover from spraying on unwanted area.
  3. Shake the Plasti Dip Baloon for 1~2 mins in order to mix up perfectly.
  4. Finger on spray head at the distances of 15~25cm. Spray thin layer on the area.
  5. Repeat spraying thin layer for 6~8 times and wait for 3~5mins for every layer to dry.
  6. Remove the newpapers or poker card after paint is fully dry.

Plasti dip removing

how-to-plasti-dip-rims-removeThe good news is that you can easily remove the plasti dip when you decide that you no longer need it. To understand how to remove plasti dip, you need to start by looking at the application process. Considering that plasti dip is a rubber coating method, the basic process involved in removing the coating should naturally involve the peeling of the rubber to reinstate the coated part to its original state. To remove the plasti dip from an item, you can either find a way of peeling out the rubber coating manually or by use of a specialized machine that is designed to do the job professionally.

Why Plasti Dip Your Car

Plasti dip nissan gtr

There are many things that you can use plasti dip on. You can either use them on rims, side-mirrors, the tires, bumpers and fenders among many other things. This simply means that you can change the appearance of your vehicle significantly using the dips. Even more interesting is that fact that you can choose from a variety of colors. You decide on the colors to use because the plasti dip comes in as many shades of colors as you can actually mix. Because the process does not cause a permanent change, many car owners have the liberty to try out all sorts of colors as long as they are willing to sample. With this kind of flexibility, one has the option to turn out in different themes for as long as they are willing to pay the cost of plasti dip.

The process has actually become so popular because it works in a very short time. Naturally, many people who have had their vehicles plasti dipped attest to the fact that it can possibly happen in as little as an hour. As long as the item has cooled down and the item is ready for handling, the car owner can easily drive off and enjoy the grand attraction they intended to create with the new changes. Although this style is basically common in small cars, it is also possible to have the same.