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Reasons to Have a CB Radio in Your Car

CB radios probably feel like ancient technology to most people. And in some ways they are pretty old-school. But all that means is that they don’t rely on a lot of modern, fancy technology in order to work properly. Your ...

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Best Racing Games ever for iPhone

There are many racing games that are available for iPhone. The app store in your phone will contain many games but you may not be sure on which ones to choose. Some of these apps are free to download while ...

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Technologies You Might See in Your Next Car

It wasn’t long ago that power windows and automatic door locks were considered luxuries. Today’s car owners don’t even think about those things, and in the near future many other electronic features will become standard in most cars. Below are ...

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What is DVR and why do we need it?

Rather, each owner of the vehicle had to deal with a situation where he must correctly identify the cause of an accident. In order to protect yourself from conflict situations, misconduct on the part of the State Automobile Inspection and ...

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