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Lancia Stratos

No car on the rally stage ever looked as dramatic as this one. Indeed, few road cars have ever looked this crazy; the Stratos took the wedge theme to extremes. Originally shown as a concept on the Bertone stand at ...

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De Tomaso Pantera

Try to think of the most desirable cars ever made and a good chunk of them will be Italian supercars. Think about the least reliable cars ever made and most of them will be Italian. And probably supercars. So what ...

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An Italian mid-engined two-seater sounds like a L pretty enticing proposition, but if it’s got the words ‘Lancia’ and ‘Beta’ in its name, it’s been handed the kiss of death. Which is a great tragedy because while early cars suffered ...

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Lamborghini had introduced the world to the reality of a mid-engined V12-powered road car, but Ferrari persisted with a front-mounted V12 for its range toppers for years afterwards. However, by 1973 the company had joined the ranks of other supercar ...

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Jaguar XJ Series 3

Jaguar’s advertising slogan was ‘Grace, space and pace’ – three qualities the XJ6 had in spades. It was also far more affordable than its rivals (which were few and far between), but Jaguar obviously couldn’t come up with a fourth ...

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