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Cars of Raceism 2015 Event


Raceism Event 2015 is fast approaching. After the last edition of the expectations have risen a lot, but we do have new ideas and ambitions would invariably something surprising. This year’s edition will take place on 27/28 June in the new location. We decided to let go of Wroclaw stadium for the expo modern facility in Opole. We promised the next edition under the roof and after a long fruitless search in Wroclaw found the perfect place with great potential on the street in Opole, Wrocław 158 (!). The facility is able to accommodate about a hundred cars in the hall and five on the ground. This allows the organization of the event largely independent of the weather, while giving the opportunity to spend time outdoors. It not without significance was also openness facility managers to build a temporary track to drift – another surprise this year.

Consequently, we combine a static display of the best European projects in the style of “stance” with the possibility of watching cars in their natural habitat. In 2014 we focused on Time Attack this year will be able to see drifting in a unique form. You will be greeted relaxed atmosphere, concrete barriers to “kiss the wall’i” travel in groups and the lack of competition in the traditional knockout system. This is our nod towards the original idea of drifting and his niemotorsportowego character. The entire packaged in a tasteful manner, combined with stylish cars that hit project Tatara brothers 86 and a professional commentary by Adam Grudniewicz guarantees a unique spectacle.

Another novelty is the cooperation with our opinion, the best filmmaker on this subject in the world of which we are very proud. We are talking about an American Mike Koziel’u known as MikeK Media. We believe that this relationship will ensure the film of the event at the highest level and will satisfy even the most demanding guests. Every day we receive dozens of reports of cars with Polish and foreign from the British Isles to Russia. Application level is higher than in recent years, which must be reflected in the unique quality of the entire project. We expect approx. 600 carefully selected projects from around Europe. Again, we invite judges from different countries choosing the person with the most authority and experience, will present live interviews with each of them to explain to viewers silhouettes of people that have the greatest impact on the development scene “stance” in Europe. Since the first edition have built their differences in relation to other automotive events combining motoring enthusiasts and hip hop. Again you’ll see in our best DJ’s, best Polish B-boys and B-girls, graffiti and rap concert of famous musicians. In short, it promises to be the most awaited event of automobiles on stage tuning in Poland. Two days of public holidays combined stance’u strong afterparty.