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How to be a better driver

Driving is very interesting but can also be dangerous if one doesn’t learn and follow the necessary basics. No matter what type of vehicle of you drive, being a good driver is mandatory for your safety and for those you are carrying along with you. The following are some tips on how to be a better driver.

  • Go through your permit book to familiarize yourself with road rules that you might have forgotten. The books also have safe driving tips are very beneficial for any driver.
  • Avoid panicking or getting nervous. Don’t think too much when driving, ensure you relax as relaxing enables you as a driver to avoid making mistakes and adjust quickly if anything goes wrong. You can listen to soft music to calm you down.
  • Ensure that you get enough sleep- When you are sleepy or too tired, you will not be able to see things clearly through your windscreen. You have to sleep well for a good driving experience.
  • Ensure that your field of vision is clear- Remove anything that is in front of the rear window as it tends to reduce the field of vision and cause distractions.
  • Practice often- Practice makes perfect; practicing how to drive in different driving scenarios, and situations increase your driving prowess.
  • Focus- Always pay close attention to the traffic and check the mirror frequently. Avoid texting or picking calls as you might be distracted. Also, always try to figure out what other drivers are trying to do, this will reduce hesitation while driving hence avoiding accidents.
  • Always know who are driving with- If you are with a person who is likely to be a great distraction to you while driving, let them sit at the back and refrain from talking to you.
  • Have confidence while driving- Do not hesitate while driving; hesitating can make you take rough moves that may pose dangerous to you and others.
  • Avoid over speeding- Despite being late for an appointment, job, or interview; your safety is of utmost importance. Drive safely at the required speeds.
  • Allow large vehicles to pass- Trucks and other large vehicles accelerate quickly but are very hard to stop. Before completing a pass, ensure that you have seen the truck in the rearview mirror.
  • Avoid switching lanes when in the middle of a junction- Time your entry into the intersection to avoid blocking once the light turns red.
  • When turning or changing lanes, notify other drivers early enough to enable them take the suitable action.
  • Know your way- It is always advisable for a driver to know the routes and roads around them. It will minimize distractions when you will be worrying about the lane to get into or when to take a turn.
  • The tips above will enable you to be a great driver. Just remember always to be alert, have focus and confidence, and practice often.