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Russian handymen made a car running iPad

Tula inventors has designed and created an interesting car, that can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi, with iPad 3.

In order to realize the seemingly fantastic idea they acquired Opel Vectra 1990 with two liters engine and automatic transmission. With the help of iPad the person can manage the car: to start off, brake and turn.

The car is installed Wi-Fi module, which receives signals from the iPad. Specially for this, has been developed a program. Review is carried out using a web camera, which is mounted on the windshield, the image is transferred to the tablet. Mounted on the front bumper parktronic should give the command to brake. But, judging by the video, the system still needs to be completed.

Creators joke that their car is – “A ride of James Bond“, by analogy with the episode “Tomorrow Never Dies“, where the protagonist manages BMW with a mobile phone.

Development of unmanned vehicles are concerned not only Tula craftsmen and leading brands, such as Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Volvo. The testing of Tula drone will continue in the summer and in the future, creators are planning to invent driving through the Internet.


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