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Campagna Motors T-REX 14RR

3.92 seconds. That’s all it takes to be swallowed whole by the Campagna T-REX 14RR experience, according to the manufacturer. It’s no coincidence that this hot side-by-side three-wheeler from Campagna Motors will sprint from 0-60mph that quickly. The oddly named ...

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How to build good CARPC

The computer has become an essential tool in every office, home, and even in cars. It is now possible to install a car PC, also called a carputer, in your vehicle and have access to all types of media, Internet, ...

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What is APR chip tuning

In order to get a better understanding of boosting the engine efficiency levels of vehicles, many car owners are usually curious about what is APR chip tunung. This is the process of fine-tuning or upgrading an Engine Control Unit (ECU) ...

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