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V8 Hotel Germany Gallery

This hotel in Germany has themed rooms with car beds. And book a room in advance, you can select the desired car – from classic and vintage to modern and sports. Ten suites star hotel in Stuttgart V8 devoted to ...

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1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

In the sixties, Ford’s most prestigious models were sold under the Lincoln banner – and the most exclusive Lincoln was the Continental. When it came to weight or cost saving measures, there weren’t even token gestures from Lincoln where the ...

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The Most Hipster Cars in the World

Shaggy beard and glasses without diopters badly stuffed with tattoos. Here are a few signs by which you can easily recognize the hipster. But what is the real hipsters prefer to move? Choosing a car, probably a lot harder for the ...

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Cars of Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is list of cars owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger Hummer H1 His first Hummer H1 Arnold Schwarzenegger bought in 1992, once the market has civilian version of the SUV. Vehicle weight of 2.9 tons and a width of 2 meters ...

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